Club Juan Aurich

Juan_Aurich_Pastor              juan a

Country: Peru    City: Chiclayo          Founded: 1922             Colors: Red and White
Stadium: Estadio Elias Aguirre      Web:

“Juan Aurich” clubs have existed in different forms since 1922, often being closed for financial reasons after relegation:
1922 – 1992: Juan Aurich
1993 – 1996: Aurich-Canana
1996 – 2004: Juan Aurich Chiclayo
2005 – Present: Juan Aurich

The Club was founded by workers of the Hacienda Batan Grande and named after the hacienda’s owner, Juan Aurich Pastor. He was born on September 3, 1867 in Lambayeque and is said to have grown up on the hacienda that he would later come to own.  At the time, he was one of the biggest  businessmen in Peru. He’s also described as a politician, conservationist, and visionary although not without some controversy.  You see, the area where the hacienda existed was home to the extensive archeological remains of the Lambayeque or Sican culture, which are said to have been systematically looted and sold since the early 1900s.

Juan Aurich passed away in 1935, and his family eventually lost control of the hacienda in an agrarian reform moment in 1973. The area is now a historical protected park called, “Santuario Historico Bosque de Pomac.”


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