Club Jorge Wilstermann

jorge                    jorge_wilstermann_camacho_1__large

Country: Bolivia    City: Cochabamba      Founded: November 24, 1949
Colors: Red and Blue   Stadium: Estadio Felix Capriles  Web: 

Jorge Wilstermann, nicknamed “Aviador”, is one of the bigger clubs in Bolivia, with a successful record of 12 first division titles and 3 Copa Bolivia titles. They are the first Bolivian club to reach the semi-finals of Copa Libertadores. The club was founded by workers from Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (LAB), Bolivia’s now defunct national airline. It is named after Jorge Wilstermann Camacho, Bolivia’s first commercial pilot. Jorge Wilstermann was born in 1910. His father, of German descent, was a mechanic for LAB. Jorge became a pilot at a young age and he was the first civilian aviator in Bolivia although he later acted as a military pilot in the Chaco War. In 1936, he was flying a commercial route from Cochabamba to Oruro when his plane, a Junker, went down killing all aboard. He was only 25 years old at the time. He is buried in the Cementerio Aleman in Cochabamba.



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