Footballers Named after Food

This post may be a bit off our normal topic, but interesting nonetheless. Here’s 10 footballers named after various kinds of food:

  1. Kevin Lasagna – Currently plays for Carpi in the Italian Serie A.
  2. Samuele Pizza – Plays for Avellino in the Italian Serie B.
  3. Salvatore Margarita – I’m starting to notice a pattern here. Also
    plays in Italy for Monticello.
  4. Diego Polenta – Plays for Uruguay’s Club Nacional.
  5. Massimo Maccarone – Back to Italy with the first Serie B player to play for the Italian national side. And his nickname is “Big Mac”-another food! Currently with Empoli.
  6. Scott Garlick – The spelling may be a bit off, but this journeyman MLS goalkeeper belongs on the list. He’s now retired, but he played with many an MLS club.
  7. Mark Fish – The South African defender who made his way through Lazio,
    Bolton, and Charlton.
  8. Barry Rice – Played for DC United for one season.
  9. Kraig Chiles – Played for Chivas USA for a short while.
  10. Francesco Finocchio – Back to Italy for this one-time Parma player who is
    currently with Pordenone. Finoccio means “fennel” in Italian.

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